Chris Patten: The CCP has actually produced a generation of people who want to be independent of China


Hong Kong’s last British governor, Chris Patten was interviewed by ABC on Nov. 6, 2019 in Australia.

When pressed on the intense of Hong Kong protests, especially a “black hand” accused by the CCP, he said “the idea the kids who were born, in many cases, way after I left Hong Kong, are being manipulated by a 75-year-old former diplomat, is so preposterous that nobody of any intelligence should give it any credence, let alone write it.”

On Aug. 20, 2019, the broadcaster CCTV, a mouthpiece for the Communist China, declared openly that the Sino-British Joint Declaration has been “invalid and expired”, but the CCP promised in 1997 that the democracy, rights and freedoms in Hong Kong would remain unchanged. Lord Patten said: “they broke the promises they made on developing democracy in Hong Kong…that was a terrible error.

Source: ABC

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