Three Video Clips Showed How Hong Kong Police Abuse Their Power By Insulting, Suppressing and Shooting Protesters


Hong Kong protester have been taking the streets in the last four months. They are still fighting until their five demands are met. One of the demands is “Establishment of an independent commission of inquiry into police conduct and use of force during the protests.” Numerous cases of HK police brutality have been reported by the media, including police’s insulting protesters, beating, teargassing, and arresting people on the street indiscriminately. In several incidents, reporters and first aid volunteers were shot in the eyes and injured seriously by the police’s violence.

This 52 seconds video clip was the only fraction of the footage that demonstrated Hong Kong Police has lost its control and abused its power by taking the order from the CCP Beijing government.

Scene #1: Police are shouting insulting languages at people on the bridge of the IFC/airport express: “Remember you are not even worthy of being human, you are just an animal. You’re an animal, and you’re a cockroach.”

Scene #2: This happens when HK police stormed into the New Town Plaza on Saturday and arrested a few protesters. A cop covers a young man’s face as he tries to shout out his name. The reason why arrested protesters shout out their name is so that defense lawyers can find them. HK Police are now repeatedly muzzling protesters or making distracting sounds (eg, false names) to prevent such identification.

Scene #3: The Hong Kong police shot the protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets like hunt games around the New Town Mall area. Those protesters are not charging toward police. They are trying to run away from the shooting and teargassing.

These are almost happening every day on the street, in the mall and at night. Hong Kong people are fighting for their freedom by “Being Water”: Water is fluid, and yielding. But water will wear away rock, which is symbolized as the tyranny regime of the CCP. “what is soft is strong.” -Lao Tzu

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