Hong Kong Kimberley Hotel Former Owner Tortured to death by CCP Indicating The Significance of HKers anti-Extradition Law Protests 


It’s been nearly five months since Hong Kong people launched the first peaceful protest against the Extradition Law. They are not yielding or giving up. Why Hongkongers fight is a result of years of interference and compression from the evil CCP. The case of Liu Xiyong is evidence that Hongkongers have no choice but to fight back. 

Recently, Kimberley Hotel, located in the district of Tsim Sha Tsui, was sold for nearly 4.3 billion yuan. It brought its former owner Liu Xiyong’s notorious case back to the public attention. According to Liu Mengxiong, a former CPPCC member (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference), Liu died of forced confession and torture in mainland China and a victim of the cooperation between the government and business people. Seeing the judicial corruption under CCP, Hong Kong people have every reason to refuse the Extradition Law. 

Liu Xiyong disappeared in the airport when catching a flight from Hong Kong to Beijing in September 2016. In March 2017, the Beijing government informed his family of his death. His case filled with questions and suspicions was covered in Financial Times last year. On September 7, 2018, nine Prosecutors from Yanbian, Jilin Province, were prosecuted for forced confession, intentional assault, and dereliction of duty. It’s believed to be indirect confirmation of Liu’s sudden death. 

Liu’s unusual death is proof of the cruel reality that Hong Kong people will soon suffer the same brutality if they don’t stand and fight. CCP now has torn and thrown away their disguise and shown the devil in its deeds. However, Hong Kong people have strongly voiced their Five Demands and perseverance to the world through peaceful protests in the last five months. CCP shall never conquer them. Hong Kong people are fighting for their future.

source :https://m.secretchina.com/news/b5/2019/11/02/912337.html