The Farm: In Defense of Hong Kong and In Defense of...

Hong Kong is still under active siege by a foreign military presence. Hong Kongers have much in common with us, which is why the CCP openly blames western society with encouraging the protests.

The video is a how to guide on G News. Understand...

The video is a how to guide on G News. Understand the web version and mobile version and how to follow G posts and watch livestream in 2 minutes

Opinion: Help the helpless Hong Kong students.

It's an opinion from a Hongkonger. They are willing to sacrifice themselves, but the truth is that no one wants to do it. If it was possible, anyone would rather go home safely.

Doctors, nurses and first aiders Voluntarily Gathered at CUHK

"We don't want there to be another Alex Chow Tsz-Lok", said by volunteers gathered at CUHK

Policing the HK Issue Has Inflamed a Crisis

These are the HK students, fighting for their own rights and doing self-defense

Guo’s Remarks in 90 Seconds——November: The Darkest Hour for Hong Kong...

The CCP upstaged mafia-styled brutality by raiding many pro-democracy Hong Kong civilians’ homes

Kyle Bass & Keith McCullough talk about​ China’s economic growth

A discussion between Kyle Bass, CIO at Hayman Capital, and Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough on October 23, 2019

Why police attack CUHK? Hong Kong Internet Exchange is located on...

HKIX handles 99% of HK's internet traffic acting as HK's network backbone. HKIX is the largest internet exchange point in Asia

November 12, 2019 Hong Kong: Heavily armed Chinese Communists!! Just like...

In the face of heavily armed Chinese soldiers, in the face of these brutal opponents, Hong Kong's young people struggle!

Luther and Mr. Jiang’s Talk

If you watched Mr.Mile's live stream tonight and observed the abnormal phenomenon that was influencing the global market, we can draw a conclusion,there will be a catastrophic financial Tsunami later in this month, or in earlier next month.




Miles Guo: the CCP’s military and economy are unstable!

The CCP’s military and economy are unstable! The CCP is blaming the poor economic performance is mainly caused by China-US trade.

Miles Guo’s live broadcast on October 9th. Time has proved that...

Time has proved that Mr. Guo Wengui's Hong Kong intelligence is very accurate!

On Oct. 4th Miles Guo said the communist party will use...

On Oct. 4, Guo Wengui said the Chinese communist party will use mainstream media outlets to drive a wedge between the U.S. and him